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Services that we offer include home renovation, repair, remediation, and remodeling.
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Black Diamond

Black Diamond, founded in 2007, was created to offer high quality renovation and construction services in California.  We know that homeowners take pride in their property.  Because of this, it seems like the renovations and remodeling construction never ends.  I know in my own home,  there is always something else that I would like to improve or add to my home.  

After many years of experience in the industry with our sister company Nixtermite.  We have created Black Diamond to step in and offer specialized services with renovation, remodeling, home repair, remediation, and small construction projects such as a deck, shed or other construction add-ons.  

Our California construction license # is 940134.

About Us

With many years of experience, Black Diamond is a sister company to a company that you already know and love, Nixtermite.  We have years of experience offering renovation and pest services to our customers and Black Diamond is dedicated to that same goal.  However, we believe that Black Diamond will be able to offer more professional specialized services to our clients.  Our renovation experts will walk with you every step of the way to make sure that you are getting everything you need,  in the time you need it.  

We are dedicated to a high set of values that define our company and our employees.  We work hard to make sure that every time a Black Diamond crew or employee is working with you that you know we care, and we are dedicated to your success.